Sad to Say

20 Apr

“She loves me because I’m her daughter, but she doesn’t care for me,” my mother states.

My mom suffers from the neglect she experienced throughout her childhood. A hug? An “I love you”? My mom has never gotten that from her mother. Even though my mom has forgiven her mother, it’s hard for her to get over her past when her mother has never reached out to apologize. My grandmother has a funny way of showing her love towards my mom. She’ll go out of her way and do things for her, and my mom greatly appreciates that, but she then likes to complain about what she’s done and throw it in my mother’s face. My mom will always be there for her mother and she has tried throughout the years to improve the relationship, but it has gotten to the point where she has given up.

Throughout the years, my mom has told me stories about her childhood in hope that ours doesn’t turn into that. I’ve also witnessed certain altercations the two have had, and I would hate for me and my mom to go through that. My mom has questioned herself where did she has failed as a daughter, but realizes it has nothing to do with her. We believe that it could be a cycle, meaning that she could have been treated that way during her childhood. Although, my mom doesn’t think that’s an excuse to act in such a way.

“You should want something different and better for your children and put them first,” my mother claims.

That being said, my mom refuses to keep the cycle going, and has raised my sister and I differently.

Unhealthy reationships can be cause by these problems.


Communication is Key!

20 Apr

Eye contact is important during communication.

Coming from a Professional

20 Apr